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A short Vent about the challenges of doing new things in an old things world when I'm supposed to be feeling gratitude

I'm a pretty chill person, to be honest. I get up in the morning and I meditate to make space in my brain. I use my breath to clean my heart of anger, and to sit down and feel my hurts so that they don't engulf me, one stolen moment at a time.   But this Thanksgiving 2021, I was bereft of calm and gratitude. Of course, my always thoughts go to my family, my beloveds, the gorgeous home we get to live in, our relative safety. I'm learning more and more to acknowledge and insert awareness of my priviledges as a cog in a fairly unjust capitalistic empire that is squeezing people here and around the world for more of their life energy to give me good holiday food and christmas gifts.   I get that my life is a gift, and I get that my reality is enchanted, and in many ways, enchanted at the expense of others. I am grateful to have what I need, and I work to shift what doesn't need to belong to me into the buckets of others.   But we can't stop at staying grateful for som
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Re-Imagining in my career, in my family, in my heart: A story about my last two years in Pandemic times

Hi friends! It's been a long while since last I wrote.  I hope this blog finds you healthier, more wise, and with more capacity to love than the last time we met here:  we could all do with some beneficial upgrades after a very difficult couple of years. Today I'm sharing with you something I wrote for an organization that is very dear to my heart.  "Women of Color in the Arts" or WOCA is an organization for us, and by us, and they are running strong after 12 years of bringing women of color in the arts together!!!   I'm ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to the women of this organization, specifically Alisha Patterson, Kaisha Johnson and Gwethalyn Bronner, but ALL the women of this organization, who have shaped a path of liberation through stories, sharing strength, sharing support, and intentionality.  On 3/22/2022, I had the great honor to present to the WOCA Community Care Circle on the story of my own Re-Imagining process.   To all the women who were there, (especially the f